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In the beginning J. Thow Designs was started as a commercial art, illustration and custom automotive design shop. I was mostly doing murals, hand lettering racing cars, painting club windows and adding pin-striping or art to a wide variety of hot rods, show cars and trucks. Basically, I was having a great time playing with and helping to complete the custom look of other people's toys, while also creating art used on everything from business cards and t-shirts to posters and magazine ads.


At the time, using a computer to help in the creation of graphics was still very much a fledgling idea, in its very early stages of becoming a reality, so all of my art was created using traditional mediums, pens and paper, paints and illustration boards filled my work space. Upon the completion of a painting or illustration, the original had to be photographed or printing plates of films were made to reproduce and print the finished product.


Today, while I still love to draw and paint traditionally, I create or complete the great majority of my work digitally, much of that digital art is still created freehand, using a digital drawing tablet and stylus allowing me to draw and paint directly in the computer. I believe it is this combination of traditional techniques and today's technology that enables me to create my best, original, commercial work. The ability to create and use "original" digital files, eliminates many of the in-between steps in the reproduction of art and printed materials, ensuring that your projects reproduce to be as close to the original work as possible, and are far better than the printed works of the past.



Another great area of change has come in Photography. Today we simply take for granted that digital cameras, including those in our cell phones, can provide us with the images we want. But how about when the image has to look its very best across a wide variety of platforms? I get asked constantly if an image taken from a cell phone is good enough to place in a web site, catalog or ad. In some cases these work fine, and they are continually getting better, but in general you just can't beat a properly lit, properly photographed image from a high quality DSLR camera. These images have a much higher resolution allowing them to be best optimized for a wider variety of high quality applications. When done right, the same images can be used on your web site, catalogs or brochures, posters and banners or just about anything else, while retaining the crisp image quality that makes you stand out from the crowd. In addition the use of your own custom created images ensures that your site and printed pieces are originals and don't just look like all the rest. After all, if your ad doesn't stand out what's the point?



Anything worth doing is worth doing right! So whether you are interested in re-branding your company, a wide variety of  original promotional options or reaching the world on line with a great web site, we can help.


I am happy to answer your questions and discuss your project options, CONTACT US TODAY

John Thow after an air to air photo shoot aboard B-25J Executive Sweet over Nellis AFB, Nevada.



J. Thow Designs is your one stop shop for everything you need to effectively promote your business, event and more. From logos and branding to web sites and advertising, we've got your back with a first class line up of  services and products that are sure to please.


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