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is the first painting in my new series of aviation pieces. This incredibly realistic portrayal of the Cessna Citation X (10) business jet is truly a must have for any aviation enthusiast, and is now available in either of 2 different graphics patterns.

With a top cruising speed just shy of the speed of sound at Mach.92, and altitude capabilities of 51,000 ft, the Citation 10 is the fastest civilian aircraft on the planet, with the exception of the Concorde, and is truly an aviation milestone.

17.5"x22" prints of my original painting are now available.

Print Only $75.00ea
Artist Signed Print $95.00
Dry mounted and Matted Print $175.00
Dry mounted and Matted Artist Signed Print $195.00

Corporate Eagle / © JOHN THOW

Corporate Eagle 2 / © JOHN THOW

Please inquire if you are interested in our framing options for this item.

These image are intended to provide you with a more detailed look at the paintings and the differences in the graphics packages.

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