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At J. THOW Designs, one of our specialties is photography. Today more than ever having images you can truly call your own is extremely important.. Whether you are populating your web site with original imagery, illustrating a book or article, or creating a product catalog and need to show people what they are getting, quality images are key to your success.


No one wants to look at a web site that is only text, the pictures help to draw in your viewer and allow them to determine if you have what they are looking for more easily.


Bottom line, we are here to help and offer a wide variety of photographic options, sure to fit your project needs.




Whether your mechanical masterpiece takes you to the land, sea or air, we are a great way to get world class images that capture the speed and grace of both man and machine in your chosen environment.



Many of you have already seen our aviation web site SLICKPIXELS.COM and if you haven't, please have a look. Here we showcase some of our military and civilian aviation photography, books, art and more. We offer images and stories from the ground and in the air. This is a great way to illustrate a magazine article, ads, catalogs or book projects and so  much more. We are available for consignment as well.


Please contact us directly for further information or to set up your shoot. Thanks!



Photography from the air is still a great way to literally get a birds eye view of your subject. We are available for both air to air and air to ground photo flights. This is a particularly popular option for real estate and architectural photography. We can even provide the plane.



Sometimes you just need to make your products or people look really good. I can't stress enough, when you are going through all the work that is involved in making a company product catalog or web site, using second rate images is a great way to throw all that effort right "out the window". Quality images are absolutely key to conveying the quality of your products and your company. A quality catalog and web site builds trust with your potential customers, it shows the world you offer your best and makes a lasting impression.



Have you ever seen an old photo lose its color, or what happens when moths or silverfish get to photographs that have been stored away. Often times the result is that your most cherished images are lost... well maybe not. I think you would be amazed to see what we have done with a wide variety of damaged images. We can restore parts of faces, sharpen images, restore color and much, much more.


Retouching can also be a great tool to sharpen and highlight the images that we are using in the promotion of your business or product. We offer a wide variety of effects and services.



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J. Thow Designs is your one stop shop for everything you need to effectively promote your business, event and more. From logos and branding to web sites and advertising, we've got your back with a first class line up of  services and products that are sure to please.


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